Nov. 8th, 2011 – Meeting

The meeting was interesting with several different things discussed and quite a few photos shown. 6 were in attendance. The big club business was the Christmas Dinner. We tossed around the idea of whether it should be pot luck or go out to a restaurant like we did in the spring of this year. Regarding club the topic of poor attendance and what can be done about it also came up. Some thought was out living it’s usefulness, while others believe it is a lack of organization and activities. A plan of action is required for this discussion.

Our treasurer, Gary, showed pictures of a recent trip he had out to Kinzua Viaduct in Pennsylvania. It was the world’s tallest railroad bridge until a large tornado ripped through the valley and the bridge. The broken bridge was untouched so the downed supports lay in the same spot since the tornado.

Andy showed pictures of his past outings, and recent trip to Sippo Lake Park.

Also Gary was giving homework he was to read the Photoshop CS 2 Bible Book and report back by next meeting. He has been wanting to get more invovled with CS 2 which he owns.

Next meeting is on Nov. 17th.

It was noted that there will be only 1 meeting in December, due to the holidays.