Oct. 26, 2011 – Meeting

It was a small attendance of 5. We discussed club business regarding the website, future ideas, and most importantly the Club Photo Contest. Exact dates for the contest have yet to be decided, but approximate time is firm, late April and early May 2012. There was casual conversation about new cameras and photography related technologies that are on the way. Discussion of trouble with computers reading SDHC cards was had by a few members but do to the lack of others using said cards no solution was mentioned. Solarization prints were shown which were developed at the last film meeting. The prints were neat and were of the Molly Stark Hospital here in Stark County. Digital photos were shown of the steam train on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Rail in September. The meeting closed with the viewing of EXIF data in Adobe Elements, which is found under the File menu.

Next regular meeting is on Nov. 8th, photo topic Frost. If you don’t have Frost pictures bring what you have been working on.

Next film meeting is on Oct. 31st at 7pm. Please contact club members for directions.