That’s All Folks … A Big Thanks

Well Everyone,

The Spring Photo Contest has come to a close, and we’d like to thank all everyone who made it happen including the photographers who entered. Our judges George Manos, Scott Miller, and Jim Corbet took their time to carefully evaluate each photo in every category. George and Scott help run the First Row Centre For The Arts, an art gallery in Greentown Ohio. A big thank you goes out to Gary and Joyce Stine who helped pull everything together from planning, taking entries and even the exhibit setup. Also support from club members Lee Neal, Bob Moffitt, Dave & Sue Volz, and Andrew Kennedy helped the judging, exhibit, and critique night run smoothly.

Our Critique Night had a good turn out and many constructive comments were made about the piece. Even Gary had a couple  of good suggestions with his cropping L’s, despite all the teasing from the audience. All in all everyone seemed to enjoy it.

For those of you who entered and didn’t pick up your photos, please contact Gary Stine for your photos.

Here are a few photos during judging and exhibit.  Again thanks everyone and be sure to come to our meetings.