Upcoming Meetings

At our last regular club meeting we discussed and planned out the rest of the year’s meeting topics. They are as follows.

Sept 25th – Our next meeting – We will discuss close up photography, which is also known as macro. Topics will include shooting techniques and equipment. And there will be homework for you to try out some of the techniques discussed or what you may have learned.

Oct. 9th – Close up Photography Review. You are to bring in your photos of close ups and share what you learned or attempted. This is going to be a night to grow as a photographer so don’t miss it.

Oct. 25th – It wouldn’t be autumn without Fall Colors or Halloween. So go shoot some fall colors or Halloween / All Saints Eve related photos and bring them to share.

Nov. 13th – We all know what time of year it is. No it’s not turkey time, it’s time to say goodbye to those pesky campaign calls and other political ads. That’s right its elections night at the club. No we won’t be having a vote. But will be sharing pictures with political or election themes. Even if you don’t have any related photos bring some to share.

Nov. 27th – It’s movie night! We will be showing the History of Photography. Which is provided by one of our club members. The movie is approximately 50 minutes long.

Dec. 11th – Our annual Christmas dinner. Come for the food merriment and enjoyable time just to slow down and relax amidst the holiday season. Everyone is to bring a covered dish.

Dec. 25th – Merry Christmas, even though its a Tuesday we aren’t meeting because everyone will be playing with their new toys.

All the meetings including the dinner will be held in the Manor House Library and NOT in the Nature Center. Meetings start at 7 PM and typically run till 9 PM at the latest. Hope to see you there, and if you can’t make it this holiday season then think about next year.