Meeting 5-9-13

5 in attendance.

Gave a treasury report and photo contest income.

Talked about staying with 1 meeting a month over the summer as we have done the past years. We will have our meetings on the 2nd Thursday and not the 4th.

Talked about moving photo contest back to the Fall and whether we are going to have another this year or start next year.

Lake Library contest judging July 30th.

In place of doing contest this fall, talked about having a promotional event / show to help promote the club, film nite, and next year’s fall photo contest. It will be held in the later part of September and early to mid October. Photos would be exclusively from members. Club will discuss with the library staff about possibility about hosting / provide space for show.

John brought in list of the instructional DVDs he has that is willing to share with the club.

Discussed the Weenie Roast and the Moles’ will gladly host it. September 12th will be Club Weenie Roast.