Meeting 3-13-14

8 in attendance.

Neil shared prints that he made in his darkroom of his trip to The Arches National Park. He described the process he went through to shoot and develop them.

Jon shared some photos of some abandoned barns.

Don shared several prints that he printed off with his equipment.

Gary had a list of photo topics.
In the garden
Line up
In the front yard
A silhouette
Old school
It’s still winter

Gary will be also emailing the list to everyone.

Brian Synder is working on a presentation on camera filters. It is going to be in April. Date is to be determined.

Gary mentioned that he put the photo contest on the parks calendar. Everything but the critique night will be at the park.

Collection will be on Oct. 11th and 12th. Judging will be in the Library at the Manor house at the park. The Exhibit will be in the Carriage House.