Meeting 3-12-15

11 in attendance

Gary gave a treasury report.

Bob suggested to share photos first because the darker it is will be better for his presentation. So we opened the floor to photos about 6:40 pm.

Mark, Bob, shared prints of some of their photos.

Bob started his Light Painting presentation around 7 PM. Bob did was a live demonstration.

Key Notes from the presentation

  • Need a dark room – the darker the better.
  • Camera needs to be set on Bulb and recommended to have a shutter release / intervalometer
  • You can use any light source – flashlight, flash, sparkler, light-up toys
  • Light painting can involve highlighting a subject or draw with the light source while aiming at the camera
  • As long as you move around you will not be appear in the photo.
  • You can light paint landscapes, if you do be mindful of the direction of your light or you might capture your shadow.

The next meeting Bob will put on a presentation about Digitizing Film Negatives.

Topics for next meeting are:

Green and / or Gold
St. Patricks Day
Something Shiny
Beer Can