Everyone is willing to share “secrets” and help even the “just starting” photographer. Meetings are held at the Lake Community Library in Hartville on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 6:15  PM. They generally run an hour or two in duration and there is usually a program and/or photo critique and discussion. It is a family oriented club and the subject matter reflects that.

Meeting Notes

Gary Stine

The gallery of our treasurer, who has a background with film and has been shooting digital for a while. His latest undertaking is learning Photoshop.

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Lee Neal

Lee is our President. He likes to travel and check out his photos from his past year’s adventures.

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Bob Moffitt

Bob Moffit is the club’s VP. Let his photos speak for themselves.

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Andrew Kennedy

Andrew is an amateur photographer and has been shooting for a year with his Canon Rebel XSi. His favorite subjects are nature and architecture.

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