August 24 2010 Meeting

Nine members (if I counted right) were there for an evening of photographic fun and adventure. Dan Dexter shared some images from his recent trip out West in Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. He demonstrated the advantages of using Adobe Lightroom 3 and showed some of its useful features. Having suffered a recent Mac attack, he also preached a short sermon on the evils of Windows Vista. Gary Stine shared some images of a recent wedding that he shot along with some interesting and informative dialogue concerning the photos.

The assigment for next meeting (September 14) is panorama images….not to be confused with paranormal images…(Kirlian photography anyone?)

Starting in September, which is next month for you calendar challenged, we will be meeting on BOTH the 2nd AND 4th Tuesday again. Keep shooting and bring whatever you happen to be working on, panorama or not. No one will complain…unless of course the club curmudgeon is there.

IF you happen to see any cookies or brownies lying around on the 14th, bring them along too!!!