Salt Fork State Park Outing – Apr. 30th

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The trip went well despite the lack of attendance. It started out as planned, going to the lodge, but it deviated from there. While at the lodge a brief inside tour was taken before grabbing a park map and heading out. From there the next stop was down by the beach for some wildlife. Next stop after the beach was a side trail that resulted in some nice picks of swallowtail butterflies. After the trail the next location was Hosak’s Cave. A small but inaccessible waterfall due to restricted access because of a death in 2003. The final stop was the Stone House. Hiking along the wildflower trail turned out to be a very pretty hike, with the abundance of trillium in bloom.

It was a beautiful day for such a trip, despite the sky being overcast and difficult to capture. All Salt Fork Pictures taken by Andrew Kennedy.