Club Meetings

The last meeting was shorter than most. Six members were in attendance, and shared photos. We talked briefly about club business, photography news, cameras, and socialized. There is only 2 meetings left for the year. So come say hi before the end. Next meeting which is this Tuesday (Nov. 27th). will feature a video about the history of photography. Our last meeting will be our Christmas Dinner, at 6:30 PM in the Manor House Library. Everyone is to bring a covered dish.

This Monday is the next Film Nite which will be looking at color film again. Read below for more details.

Hi Guys, Monday is film nite and we will be working with color negative developement. Two weeks ago, we mixed up a batch of C-41 developer and developed six rolls of color film. One week ago Bob and I developed two more rolls with the same developer and the negatives were out standing! So, we will again try the developer to see if we can determine the shelf life of mixed developer. So if you happen to have a roll or two of color film that needs processing, now is your chance. As always, we will discuss film cameras and any thing else related. Come out and enjoy the evening. Neil.