Meeting 10-10-13

10 in attendance.

Gary gave treasury report and mentioned what the recent expenses were.

We collected photos that were brought in by a few of the members. The Open house is 9 days away.  Photos will be setup and on display Friday the 11th. The photos brought in were shared with everyone at the meeting.

We also discussed what will be going on for the Open House. We will have refreshments and have the entire meeting room to do with as we please for the time we have it.

Reminder the show is at 2-4 PM. We would like those that can make it to show up a little before 2 PM to help setup the room when it becomes available.

We will be organizing photos in according to whether photos were shot with film or digital.

Assignment for the next meeting: Autumn Colors.  The leaves should be reaching their peak in the next week or 2. But don’t limit yourself to trees if you don’t want.

A couple of members shared photos of barns, streams, and trains.

A reminder was mentioned that members should sign-up to the club newsletter through the website.