Meeting 8-14-14

9 in attendance – we welcomed 1 new comer

Our Annual Weenie Roast will be on September 11th at 6 PM. It will be held at Neil and Eva Moles’ residence. Those who are attending should bring a covered dish.

We will have a meeting on the 9th of October to finalize items for the Photo Contest.  Volunteers will be needed for the Photo Collection days and assistance for setup and tear down for the Exhibit and Judging. Everything related to the Photo Contest will be held at the Quail Hollow State Park.

Gary put an ad in the Hartville News for the Photo Contest and will run all of September and first week in October. Tracy will be contacting schools and other local newspapers about advertising the Photo Contest too.

We discussed Photo Contest Honorable Mention Ribbons and their distribution. One year we gave a ribbon to each entry that didn’t place which diluted the weight / meaning behind it. This year we will only be handing out a limited number of Honorable Mentions ribbons so that it will carry a little weight.

We opened up the floor for photo presentations around 7pm.