Meeting Night 10-9-14

There are 11 in attendance.

This weekend is the deadline and collection for the Photo Contest. We will be collecting entries at the Quail Hollow State Park Visitor Center from 1 – 5 PM, both Saturday and Sunday.

Photo Contest Judging will be held next Wednesday evening at the Park in the Manor House Library. It will begin at 6 PM.

Next Friday we will need a couple of volunteers to help setup for the Contest during the weekend. The plan is to start setting up around noon at the Quail Hollow State Park Nature Center.

There is only 1 meeting in November and December because Thanksgiving and Christmas fall on the 4th Thursdays of those months.

We will have our Christmas Dinner on December the 11th, at the Lake Library. Everyone is to bring a covered dish and table ware. We will meet at 6 PM instead of our usual 6:30.

Opened the floor to sharing photos around 7 PM.

Gary will email out another topic list for the rest of the year.