Meeting Night – 4-10-14

13 in attendance.

Gary gave a treasury report and we discussed our summer meeting schedule. We will be going to 1 meeting a month as we have done in the past.

Brian Snyder gave his presentation on camera filters. After describing the filters and showing photos of the various effects and uses he passed around the filters he used. Brian discussed neutral density filters, polarizers, ultraviolet filters, gradiated filters, warming filters, and filter holders.

Brian also mentioned that the Lee filter company created a video which can be found online that showed how photography filters are made.

We had enough time to share photos after the presentation.

Brian mentioned there will be a lunar eclipse this Monday late night and early Tuesday morning. The peak is supposed to be around 3 – 3:30 AM and will diminish around 6:00 AM. If it is clear you should be able to see it in the Southwestern sky.