Meeting 11-12-15

13 in attendance

Christmas Dinner will be next meeting on Dec. 10th. It will be held at Library as it was last year. We will meet at 6 PM instead of the normal time. Everyone is to bring their own tableware and a covered dish. The ham and beverage will be provided. With it being held at the meeting we will need to be out by 8 PM like normal meetings.

There was talk of mounting photos. Someone suggested Perfect Mount, which is a mat board with adhesive on it. All you have to do is peel off the wax paper on the adhesive and place your photo. It was advised that you be careful because the photo does not come off once it is placed.

Neil showed his recent darkroom print of a 5 generation photo that he made from digital photo. He took the digital photo inverted it in Photoshop. Then printed the inverted photo and used it for a contact print in the darkroom.

Dan Dexter showed a macro video that he shot of a honeybee emerging from its cell in the honeycomb.

We opened the floor to photos around 6:50 PM.