Meeting Night 8-13-15

17 in attendance

We discussed the Photo contest in Oct. Judging will be on the 14th, Exhibit will be on the 17th and 18th of Oct. The Weenie Roast will be next month on Sept. 10th at 6 PM. Attendees should bring a covered dish and or dessert. Tableware will be provided.

Jon Smith made a suggestion for next year that over the summer (May – August) we meet twice a month. We meet at the library once and the other night we meet up at Quail Hollow and shoot. Everyone liked the idea and agreed we should try it.

Neil Moles brought in an old box film camera that he recently purchased, it was over 50 years old. There was a exposed film in the camera so he developed a couple of the photos that were worth while.

We opened the floor to photos around 7 PM. 6 People showed photos.