Meeting 7-13-2017

12 members in attendance.

Lake Library Photo Contest – Deadline July 29, Judging Aug. 1 2017. Forms available at the library or online at their website

QHCC photo contest form was reviewed.

Don spoke about the Stark County Fair Photo contest – the handbook photo dimension are not correct. Follow the information online at the website Online Entries – click on Art Hall, scroll down to photography.

Alliance Carnation Festival Photo Contest. on facebook search for Carnation Festival – look for photo contest posting.

Photos were viewed. DVD on photography: opportunity photography, tripods, vacation photos (do your research)

July 27, 2017 meeting assignments:
Clouds, Night time, relationship (humans, cat to food, fishing-worms), Gardening,favorite time of day
Please try to limit the number of photos to view to 5. Can be 5 for one category or a mix totaling 5.