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Welcome to the Quail Hollow Camera Club

Whether you are an aspiring photographer, a professional, hobbist, or just someone who takes pictures of special moments. This club is for you. Our meetings are held regularly at the Lake Community Library in Hartville Ohio. We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Everyone is welcome so stop on by.

We love to discuss anything photography related. From nature to architecture and sweeping landscapes to macro, whether it is digital or film we talk about it. Along with discussion members bring in their photos to share with everyone. If this piques your interest we'd love to see what you shoot.

2017 Photo Contest

Winners of the 2017 Photo contest can be found under Photo Contest tab

Film Group

FILM GROUP: John gave update on film group. Able to produce Black & White positive slides. An adjustment was made to the chemicals used in the last attempt. Next assignment for film group will be color slides.

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Meeting 4-27-2017

8 members in attendance. Guest Rose Ann. There will be 2 meetings a month during the summer. Aug. 1 – Lake Library Photo Contest. Location might change due to constructions at high school. Talk about having it in school auditorium if large number of entries. 1 judge is lined up Oct. 14 & 15 Photo […]

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Film Group Meeting 4-10-2017

6 attended Object: Black and White positive slides. some of the chemicals were mix at previous meeting. Process did not work. will reviews chemical mixes and temps of chemicals.

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Meeting 4-13-2017

8 member in attendance Oct 19, 2017 – Judging for our Photo Contest at library Photos were shared discussed places to take pictures Molly Stark Hospital and Cemetery – Hospital is fenced off. Alliance Glamorgan Castle – best in morning https://www.rodmanlibrary.com/glamorgan-castle cemeteries in Hartville – Hartville Lutheran on 619 past 43, Mount Peace – on […]

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Film group meeting 3-27-2017

Topic was developing time based on temperatures. Developed 3 negatives at 1 minute, 9 minutes (recommended time) and 45 minutes. Each produced an image on the negative. Member scanned one negative from the 9 minute developing time neg and a similar image from the 45 minute developing time neg and checked the image densities at […]

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Meeting 3-23-2017

Will be assisting with Lake Township library photo contest. Judging Tuesday Aug 1, 2017 Tentative dates selected for 2017 photo contest and other events. Will be published once dates are confirmed. Meeting information is on the Akron Beacon Journal online events section Discussed sending of emails, using BCC instead of seeing all of the email […]

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Meeting 3-9-2017

Viewed dvd on organizing photos has to work for you or you will not use it be consistent upload photos as soon as possible example: date_subject_number software will number them automatically back up using cloud or hard drive next DVD chapter: choosing best photos assignment: open choice bring anything you want to share

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Meeting 2-23-2017

12 members attended renewed website and domain name for the next 2 years. Talked about our website. decided to only display info for our club on main page of website. photo contest/exhibits and other posting will go under other pages. Several photo contest/exhibits information given. See website community page. Photography Problem Solving DVD was viewed. […]

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Meeting 2-9-2017

9 people attended. The check for the two renewal of our website and domain name was issued. Website and facebook page were discussed. several club members showed their macro and close up photos from the assignment of the previous meeting. We viewed a video on low light photography. Tips from video: use ambient daylight either […]

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Meeting 1-26-2017

10 members in attendance treasury report was given. watched DVD on macro photography. Viewed photos from assignment:bare trees, chilly, neighborhood, contrast assignment for Feb 9 meeting: macro photographs. DVD on low lighting will be viewed.

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